Sample Projects

Generic Internet Robot
Generic Internet Robot has been developed to be used for in-house projects; but with demands, we have made it available to our business partners.
Launched in 2004 and is now Turkey's top polling site. Using election and similar polls, we measure public opinion with hundreds of thousands of participants. In 2013, we completely updated the technology and user interfaces of this old stager. We are now working on developing new features.
This 2005 model website, offers the fans of major soccer clubs to build their own squads. With fixtures and detailed statistics, is an important reference for soccer fans.
Gas price comparison site; our first project using the Generic Internet Robot. We collect and compare 50K values every hour from every city.
Just like, we compare Autogas/LPG prices read by the Generic Internet Robot.
Rakı Sofrası
Developed in 2007 when Facebook just started becoming popular in Turkey, this Facebook application is referred to as "one of the most successful local applications" with its 1.5M members. Mentioned in various national and international media, including cartoons and song lyrics.
Our second application on Facebook. We created an open platform for our members to discuss and vote on other people's statements. We adapted this application to different platforms and languages, and attracted many foreign investors. Only Turkish version on Facebook reached a number of 300K members. We shut it down when Twitter became popular in Turkey.
Eu Acho
"Bence" in Portuguese, running on Orkut. It became very popular in Brazil.
Bespoke ERP system, developed for AustriaCard Turkey.
Bespoke file management system, developed for AustriaCard Turkey.
Saha Takibi
Bespoke market monitoring system integrated with cargo and e-commerce companies, developed for AustriaCard Turkey clients.

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